Relationships And The Chakra System

Every new situation/relationship we experience is filtered through our past memories and influences the outcome of that situation.  These filters are like capsules of information connected to each other and form an invisible cord.  In order to understand our relationships we must look at the quality of the cords that connect us.

Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

Each attribute of the cord has a meaning.  In order to understand the meaning we must understand the chakra system.

                                          The Chakra System


Transform Relationships Through Decording

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We are all inter-connected and affected by the dynamics of our relationships.  An unhealthy relationship CAN be healed.  In some cases, for a relationship to heal, both parties may have to come closer to each other while in others they may have to be distanced.

Decording™ is a process that transforms the dynamics of a relationship whereby we align with and clear our past relationships. People may be part of our lives in the present or no longer with us (dead or living) including our ancestors.  There are theories, that we carry within us imprints of all the significant people in our lives. When you walk into a roomful of people you can pick up the energy of the room. Notice when you talk to someone with low energy (anger, resentment and other negative emotions) you automatically absorb that person’s energy which weakens your own and you feel weighed down.

Each time we establish a relationship with another person we create invisible relationship ‘cords’.  These cords are connected through the chakra system* on the etheric level between two people.  Each individual holds his/her own cord(s) that is attached to the other person. 

Debbie Papadakis has developed and teaches a specialized course on Decording™ called The Relationship Code™ which focuses on aligning and transforming invisible cords that connect people through the chakras.  This technique removes blockages in the energy field between two people. It works for everyone, and especially well with people who have the ability to visualize.

Decording™ is not an analytical process, remember, emotional healing is not done in the headYou do not have to ‘think’ but ‘feel’ or ‘imagine’ in order for it to work.

*Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel of light’, also known as ‘energy center’.  There are seven chakras, which are the power and energy centers, on the human body.  Through these seven major energy centers the life force energy flows in an upward and downward motion via a meridian along the spinal cord.  The vitality of the chakras is crucial to the healthy functioning of the mind-body.  Carl G. Jung referred to the chakras as the “gateways of consciousness”.  Each chakra has its own association and connection, colour and rate of vibration, and specific functions.